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Turns out November, not April, is the cruelest month for San Diego music icon Jason Mraz who, as you’re about to learn, can’t have it all.

A few weeks ago, the wise men and daughters of Saturday Night Live hit Mr. A to Z hard in a skit the night host Kieran Culkin took a tour as an Oceanside-based singer / songwriter.

Then, Sunday night – yes, we know the show is taped – Mraz killed her in a special edition of Wheel of Fortune that aired on another channel we won’t name. The Wheel, as any good San Diegans knows, airs at 7 p.m. weekday evenings on NBC 7.

But we move away. Mraz was moping up his star turn, putting a heap in the bank for his charity of choice, True Colors United, and indulging in host Pat Sajak and his letter-flipping sidekick Vanna White.

“So I’ve been working with True Colors United for quite some time,” Mraz told Sajak’s daughter, Maggie, in an interview titled “Celebrity Spin”. “They have tackled homelessness in America, specifically helping at-risk LGBT youth.”

In the sidebar segment, Mraz also explained to Maggie the process behind her songwriting.

“Once I have a melody and an idea, even an idea for a phrase, the first few words might not be the right words and I have to keep working on them until I create, what I think, you know, that’s a great word, ”Mraz said. “This game is very similar.”

Mraz was on such a roll – a roll of $ 139,300 in fact – that he had a chance to score big in the bonus round, which as always started with the letters R, S, T, L, Automatically filled N and E, which spelled out -R – NE –N.- Unfortunately for Mraz, however, given the opportunity to add four consonants and a vowel, it came out almost empty: -R – NE – YEAR.

Searching for an answer that matched the “In the Kitchen” category, Mraz was asked to “talk about it” by the affable host of the game show, and he immediately found the second word, “PAN”, but no ‘BROWNIE’ was never chosen for the first word and the winner.

Then, much like what happened on SNL, things went from bad to worse.

“You open up these things and hope for good things and then you have to show it,” Sajak said, revealing what would have been a million dollar proze.

The reaction of the interpreter of “Lucky”: “Come on, Pat! “

Stlll, Sajak then reminded him and the audience of the six-figure payout for True Colors United, and Mraz expressed his appreciation.


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