Shawnee’s Social Bar and Grill wants to host live music and has plan to limit noise complaints


The Social Bar and Grill plans to bring live music to its new location near Shawnee Mission Parkway and Pflumm Road.

Formerly located on Nieman Road, where it was known as Garrett’s Bar and Grill, The Social opened in the spring at 13410 W. 62nd Terrace. The site previously housed The Roxy, a nightclub that closed in late March following numerous noise complaints from live performances.

After a generally positive discussion of concerns about the history of noise complaints on the site and some comments from the owners of The Social, the Shawnee Planning Commission voted on November 1 10-0 to recommend approval of a permit. one-year special use for shows. . Commissioner Carol Norman was absent.

Shawnee City Council will consider the item on November 22.

Offer more “easy going” music

Above, the restaurant opened this spring near Shawnee Mission Parkway and Pflumm Road after moving from its old location on Nieman Road, where it was previously known as Garrett’s. Photo file.

Social owners Oronde Smith and Jordan Grove say they hope to host guitar and acoustic bands under a live entertainment license with the town of Shawnee.

City staff noted that the owners are aware of the history of the location with noise complaints from the Roxy’s live performances.

“It’s totally different from what The Roxy was doing,” Smith said, noting that they had reconfigured the space to make it code compliant.

Smith noted that they plan to offer more “adult entertainment,” including relaxed music, classic rock and ’80s music.

“Because personally, I don’t want to deal with, I don’t mean ‘youth music’, I just try to be as frank as possible without seeming to be pointing to a certain crowd,” he said. Smith added. “But that’s our goal.”

How The Social plans to contain the noise

The owners said they are in contact with neighboring owners in the north and plan to offer live entertainment only on Fridays and Saturdays, ending at midnight instead of 2 a.m., noted staff at the city.

The owners also installed carpeting to help contain noise and keep any north-facing doors closest to the neighborhood closed during performances.

City staff also recommended that all live performances stay indoors.

Several town planning commissioners have asked city staff to keep a close watch on the restaurant once a live performance permit is issued. Commissioner Kathy Peterson suggested the city check into The Social in at least six months to make sure it hasn’t disrupted the surrounding neighborhood.

“We don’t want to hurt the residents, but it seems that this owner has much more interest in being part of the neighborhood rather than opposing it. [it]”said Peterson.

Smith said that as a Shawnee resident he had no desire to cause trouble in the neighborhood and applauded the city for planning to check on its belongings.

A special use permit for shows is also subject to city review if complaints of noise or other issues arise. The license is also reviewed after one year and then on a three or four year cycle thereafter.

A recording of the meeting is below and on the city’s website. Discussion begins at 8:06 p.m.


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