Social media buzzes as Tesla launches update that turns cars into megaphones


Known for its penchant for innovation, Tesla delivers a set of long-awaited updates every year during the holidays. Not all of these updates are particularly useful, however, and some of them are being introduced just for fun.

Now, one of the new software update features offered by Tesla allows drivers to turn their vehicle into a “megaphone”. A video demo shared by Youtuber Ryan Shaw shows that if people turn on the ‘megaphone’ function, then everything they say inside their car will ring out on the outside. The effect produced is similar to the sound coming out of a megaphone.

However, this feature is only available on new Tesla models manufactured in 2019 or later. Other models must be equipped with external speakers for the feature to work. These loudspeakers were originally designed to give warnings to pedestrians.

The feature has already become a huge talking point on social media, with users sharing endless jokes and memes.

According to automotive experts, the “megaphone” feature is an extension of last year’s “boombox” feature that allowed pre-recorded music to be played in your car. It will be interesting to see how Tesla owners use the megaphone feature in the near future.


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