Spotify Supergrouper allows users to mix and match their favorite artists in a group


Spotify has introduced the Supergrouper feature which will allow users to create and share their ultimate assemblies of featured artists. The feature which has been introduced in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines will allow users to create a “supergroup” of artists across countries, generations and genres. It’s unclear if Spotify plans to expand this to other markets, including India.

There could be many reasons why your dream supergroup never happened: maybe the artists have different genres or come from different parts of the world, but you can always use Spotify to create your favorite combination of songs. artists and share them with your friends.

You can choose any combination of artists as long as they can be found on Spotify. (Image credit: Spotify)

The first thing you need to do is make sure you live in one of the five regions where the feature is fully available. Next, make sure your phone is up to date with the latest version and follow these steps:

# Visit on your mobile phone

# Choose the artists you want to select

# You can also choose roles such as “The Lead”, The Lyricist”, “The Hypeman”, etc.

# If you get stuck not knowing what you want, Spotify will also select random artists for you based on your listening habits

# You can now name your supergroup.

# After that, Spotify will create a custom playlist containing music from all artists in the supergroup. You’ll also get a personalized map that you can share with your friends and others on social media and elsewhere.


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