Study: Listening to Drake will make you run slower


There’s nothing quite like a good playlist to get you started on your run, but the songs you choose can have a significant impact on your speed. Recently the clothing brand Poir Me conducted a study to find out which artists make you pick up the pace and which slow you down, and concluded that the Canadian rapper Duck could add almost 15 minutes to your marathon time.

Drake passes V02 max test in last clip

Save Drake for your easy days

Researchers analyzed data from 60 runs in which runners listened to a different artist each time, and found that the relaxing vibrations that make up Drake’s signature sound can add up to 21 seconds per mile to your run time. This equals 1:45 on 5K and 2:42 p.m. on a marathon. So if you tend to have a hard time running too fast on your easy days, don Boy in love certified for your next easy run, but maybe leave songs like a dance and Take care off your workout playlist.

Drake isn’t the only artist you might not want on your pumping playlist. The researchers found the famous K-pop boy group BTS slowed down runners by nine seconds per mile and American rapper Doja cat added five seconds per kilometer to race times. Check out the five slowest-running artists below:

Artists to cheer you up

On the other hand, the researchers also put together a list of the top 15 artists to help you run faster, and that was Beyonce (affectionately referred to as Queen B by her fans) which inspires runners to step up the pace the most. In fact, by activating his iconic hymns like Put a ring on it and Who runs the world? Girls) can make you run up to 33 seconds faster per mile. This equates to 2:45 on 5K and 23 minutes on a marathon.

Harry Styles took second place, speeding the runners up to 31 seconds per kilometer, and Britney spears completed the podium at 28 seconds per kilometer. Take a look at the top 15 to see if any of your favorites are on the list:

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The best playlist for your next speed session

7 reasons to listen to music while you run

Researchers from To me compose a playlist containing songs from all artists that are proven to make you run faster, so next time you go for an interval session or a long tempo, download the playlist here. And the next time you’re off for a slow, easy run, try putting some Drake tunes in the queue to help cool the jets down a bit.

Of course, music is very subjective, and what makes one person tick can have the opposite effect on another, so if you don’t like any of the artists on the playlist, don’t worry. Chances are, if you really like the tracks you’re playing on, they’ll help pick up the pace, and if they don’t, at least you’ll enjoy your run more.


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