Tech giants face crackdown to better protect smartphone users from hackers


Tech giants Amazon and Google are facing a crackdown to better protect smartphone users from hackers.

The rules will be strengthened to help the millions of people who download music and video games also on tablets and televisions to protect them from fraudsters.


Tech giants Amazon and Google face a crackdown to better protect smartphone users from hackersCredit: Alamy

Culture Minister Julia Lopez will launch an £18.6billion market review to strengthen the protection of personal data and money from scammers.

The main companies affected are Apple, Huawei, Microsoft and Samsung, with consumers using their services to shop, bank and make video calls.

She said: “Apps on our smartphones and tablets have improved our lives enormously, making it easier to bank and shop online and to keep in touch with friends. But we have to be alert to the cyber threat.

“We are looking at what more we can do to protect UK consumers.”

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She added that it would be “a fantastic step forward in protecting Sun consumers and readers in the digital age.”

Proposals will be presented to strengthen the minimum security and privacy settings for companies that manage online stores and companies that manufacture applications.

They will be forced to explain why apps need access to personal information such as their contact book and current location.

A new code of practice will allow companies to report issues more quickly so that faults can be corrected more quickly.

Lopez will launch the call for views this week.

Android phone users were alerted to Joker Malware on Google Play in at least 14 apps last year.

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Fraudulent transactions operate in the background of devices without their knowledge.

Scams can take place through automated clicks on online advertisements, texting premium rate numbers, and making purchases or subscribing to online services.

Julia Lopez said:


Julia Lopez said: ‘We are looking at what more we can do to protect UK consumers’

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