The ashes of rock icon Lemmy turned into the band’s tattoo after a bitter battle with cancer in 2015


Lemmy’s ashes were turned into Tattoo Ink for Motörhead’s tour manager and production assistant.

According to the official Motorhead website, the frontman of the famous heavy metal band unexpectedly left in December 2015, at the age of 70, just months after being diagnosed with cancer.

Before his death, Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, founding member and singer of the band, requested that his ashes be wrapped in bullets and given to family and friends.

Many close friends of Lemmy and his family have already received cartridge cases containing his ashes after his death, as has been widely reported over the years.

New Motorhead tattoos honoring Lemmy can be seen in a new video on the group’s Instagram account.

The tattoo shoot stars Eddie Rocha, Motorhead touring veteran, and Emma Cederblad, their production assistant. The tattoos appear to contain Lemmy’s ashes mixed with the tattoo ink.

“Motorhead means family for life,” the Instagram post states.

Both members of Motorhead’s road team received their band-themed tattoos. Rocha had Lemmy’s face tattooed on his thigh, and Cederblad also had a “spade” tattooed on his leg.

The video’s release coincides with Lemmy’s birthday commemoration on Christmas Eve. Sixth anniversary of Lemmy’s death took place two days ago, December 28, 2021.

In honor of Lemmy’s birthday, a second volume of the series “The Lost Tapes” has been dropped, which was released recently. Norwich’s unreleased performance was recorded on Motorhead’s Snake Bite Love tour in 1998 and was previously unavailable.

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Lemmy’s biopic

Meanwhile, a biography of the late rocker is already in development.

Entitled “Lemmy”, produced by Greg Olliver, who previously filmed the documentary of the same name on the life of the heavy metal icon before joining Motörhead in 2010.

According to the filmmakers, they want to reveal Lemmy as the “compelling, complex, lionhearted man” behind the “rock ‘n’ roll facade”.

It will also include details of his youth, including his time working as Jimi Hendrix’s roadie, as well as his time with Hawkwind.

Production will be handled by Andre Relis and Damon Lane on the biopic, which has been in the works for a few years.

In addition to Steffan Chirazi, Todd Singerman, the manager of Motörhead, is appointed executive producer of the film.

Medeni Griffiths is supposed to write the screenplay with help from Greg Olivier, according to reports.

As for who would play the lead role, Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, and even Robert Downey Jr. are some of the top picks for fans.

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