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The fastest way to ruin financially is to pay full price for each streaming service the low. To keep you solvent, we are constantly looking for new offers, promotions and comprehensive freebies. Come back here or Follow us on twitter for updates.

For a month, the streamer cuts Disney + ‘s $ 8 monthly fee to just $ 2. The offer is valid for new subscriptions from today through November 14, and while it’s only a savings of six dollars over 30 days, it can grease the wheels if you read the upcoming releases of Disney +. On November 12 (now renamed Disney + Day), a bunch of stuff is coming to the site: Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, Jungle cruise, season two of The world according to Jeff Goldblum, and the original Disney + Home Sweet Home Alone, among others. by marvel Hawk Eye falls less than two weeks later. And six dollars is not nothing. It’s two cafes. This is the expedition. Perhaps it is inner peace. Trust your feelings and may the Force be with you.

Is there a way to get Disney + for free? In fact, yes! It’s through the music arm of a rival company. If you’re not happy with Spotify, Apple Music, or other song streamers, signing up for Amazon Music Unlimited will get you Disney + free for six months. (Note: If you already have Amazon Music Unlimited, you can get the deal, but only for three months.) Both plans cost $ 8 per month, so it’s not a bad two-for-one between the Galactic Empire. and the Barony of Bezos.

Another free option is to get it as part of a bundle of streaming services offered by Verizon Wireless. Some Verizon plans give you not only Disney +, but also Hulu, ESPN +, AMC +, and Apple Arcade.

If you want a solid and lasting deal on Disney +: The “Keep Everyone Sane” offer: $ 14 per month for Disney +, ESPN + and Hulu. It gives you Disney stuff, Star wars, Marvel, Hulu’s strong catalog of movies and television (Parasite! Dogs Reservation! Aniara!), and, uh, sports. Take advantage of media consolidation while you can; it saves you $ 8 per month compared to the service count. And if you are bothered by Hulu’s ads, upgrade the plan to $ 20 per month to ban them.

The deal you missed: Thanks to Target, from all places. A limited-time deal in August lowered the price of the annual subscription for Disney + to $ 60 for users who spent $ 25 or more on the Target website. Considering that the annual Disney + membership is $ 80 (a 17% discount off its monthly membership), an extra $ 20 on the price was more than welcome. With the holidays coming, it is possible that more offers like this will appear.

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New on Disney +: November 2021
In addition to the new features we talked about above, be on the lookout for The Beatles: Come Back, Adventures through the Walt Disney Archives, the iconic Paperman short and Preparation and landing: Operation Secret Santa.

How to gift Disney +
… Or pretty much any other major streaming service. Disney has a few caveats that we cover here, such as the fact that you can only offer registration to new users. (And yes, you can gift this Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN + package.)

How to download stuff on Disney +
… And a few other big streaming services. You can download to mobile devices – up to ten different at once! And there aren’t many restrictions on what content you can or can’t download, because overall Disney owns it all.

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