The biggest download queue of 2022 is about something other than music – and it’s not the toilet


The biggest queue by far at the 2022 download so far is around 250-300 people at any given time and shows no signs of diminishing in the near future. What festival goers line up to get tattoos to say they did it at their favorite rock festival.

Michael Kidd, from Newcastle, and Johnny Webb, from Gloucester, had been queuing for around two hours to enter the tattoo tent when Nottinghamshire Live spoke to them and it looked like they would still have at least an hour to wait.

This will be Michael’s fifth tattoo done at a download festival and it’s become a tradition for him – it was Johnny’s fourth. The process works thanks to people selecting their design from dozens of exhibits, but all with a rock and music theme. Their price ranges from around £50 to £300.

Johnny Webb, left, and Michael Kidd show off previous tattoos as they wait patiently in line to be inked

Michael said: “I have one that ties into Kiss, who I can’t wait to see tonight as a headliner. Hopefully we’ll be out of the queue by then. It’s something we always aim to do on day one and then we can relax the rest of the weekend.”

Johnny had opted for a Biffy Clyro related design and they headline Sunday night. He added: “He was also looking forward to seeing Steel Panther but opted for the Scottish influenced tattoo in honor of Biffy Clyro. Michael’s tattoo cost £120, while Johnny paid £140.

Anyone worried about how easy it is to take care of a tattoo while camping for the weekend, need not worry as on-site tattoo artist Old Sarum Tattoo and Piercing has a follow-up tent for anyone with concerns over the weekend.

That’s why they lined up

Katie Vyse and Kerry Johnson, both from Bournemouth, were getting Iron Maiden-style tattoos, costing £150 each. Katie said: “It’s the first tattoo I’ve ever had and I’m quite nervous but obviously a lot of people do it so I’m sure it’ll be fine. We just joined the queue, so it might take a while longer – at least we can hear the main arena music from here.”

A tattoo artist spokesperson confirmed the wait for a tattoo was in the region of four hours and estimated they would be busy all day for the next three days.


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