The Granite City group notes an exceptional year


GRANITE CITY — Members of The Marching Warriors of Granite City High School are celebrating a successful year.

“One of the concepts we discuss throughout the school year in the group is that you, and you alone, are responsible for the choices you make and the actions you take,” said the GCHS group director. , Wyatt Roberds. “Whether you choose to have the best year of your life or the worst, you will always be right. You control your thoughts, your thoughts control your actions; your actions control your results.

“Ultimately, your thoughts control the outcome,” he said. “So choose thoughts that will empower and enable the results you want to achieve. Our senior GCHS Marching Warriors have definitely controlled their thoughts and actions, making for an amazing year!”

Honors include:

• Cliniques Smith Walbridge Drum Major: Thumbs Up Award; Finalist of the team of the day; Jonas Etchison – Outstanding Drum Major and First Class Drum Major

• O’Fallon Metro East Marching Classic: 3rd Place Orchestra – Class 3A; 1st place Color Guard

• EIU Panther Marching Band Festival: 1st Place Band – Class 6A; 1st place Music; 1st place visual; 1st place Drum Majors; Grand Champion

• Fort Zumwalt North River Town Showcase: 7th Place Band – Class 6A; 8th place in the group overall in the final

• U of I – Illinois Marching Band Championships: 1st place Band – Class 5A; 1st place Overall effect; 1st place Music; 1st place visual.

Members of the GCHS Class of 2022 include:

• Sophia Boone, Clarinet and Oboe, Field Manager

• Allison Branding, clarinet, clarinet section leader

• Connor Brewer, baritone and euphonium, baritone section leader

• Finn Brown, flute and tenor saxophone, tenor saxophone bandleader

• Nick Butchee, Baritone, Euphonium and Saxophone, Baritone Squad Leader

• Melanie Clark, flute, music librarian

• Sierra Cooper, alto saxophone, saxophone section leader

• Miranda Cowley, trumpet, trumpet section leader

• Brendan Eads, trombone, leader of the trombone section

• Jonas Etchison, tenor saxophone and percussion, drum major

• Joseph Guithues, tuba and bass guitar, orchestra librarian

• Sam Henry, tuba, tuba section leader

• Devon Howard, Color Guard, Head of Color Guards

• Brianna Johnson, flute, flute section leader

• Ian Johnson, alto saxophone, music librarian

• Lexi Kunz, percussion, head of the percussion section

• Jordan Laking, Trumpet and Color Guard, Head of Color Guards

• Gloria Loeza-Ozorio, French horn and trumpet, band librarian and field manager

• Carly Owens, flute and trombone, conductor

• Haven Przybysz, Color Guard, Head of Color Guards

• Dominic Richards, Baritone & Euphonium, Baritone Squad Leader

• Ian Santiago, percussion, head of the percussion section

• Jordan Scroggins, baritone saxophone, saxophone section leader

• Ethan Tarnovsky, Trumpet, Drum Major.

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