The rapper gets bitten by a snake as she shoots a clip with the reptiles: “What I’m going through …”


Rapper Maeta was bitten by a snake while filming her music video. In a video shared by the musical artist’s social networks, Maeta can be seen lying on the ground as she poses with two snakes: one white and one black. Then without warning, the snake from the back attacks her chin, much to her surprise and discomfort. Fortunately, the rapper is unharmed. The little clip titled “What I’m Going through to Make Videos for You All” has been viewed 512,000 times since it was released last week.

Snakes used in photo shoots and other creative activities are not poisonous and are forbidden. However, even a fangless snake can cause damage if it hits a person hard, especially on sensitive areas like the eyes. According to experts, holding even a fangless snake close to its face is not a good idea.

Animal rights experts believe that wild animals, exotic birds, or snakes should not be used in the entertainment industry. Artists can instead use computer-generated images to realize their creative vision.

Recently, a few days before his birthday, the actor Salman Khan was bitten by a non-poisonous snake in his farm in Panvel. He was released from the hospital after receiving a dose of anti-venom. It is important to note that India has the highest number of snakebite cases and accounts for almost 50% of global snakebitesth death. Learn what to do in case of a snake bite here: Snakebite first aid dos and don’ts.


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