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Out Now: ZZ Top ‘Raw: That Little Ol’ Band from Texas’, dedicated “In Righteous Memory of Dusty Hill” (Listen)

Raw: That little old band from Texas is a new album from Texas rock legends High ZZ.

Released today, July 22, it’s a collection of songs from across the groundbreaking band’s career, new recordings of songs from their early days, dedicated by the band “in true memory of Dusty Hill”, the bassist died in July 2021.

A bit more about the scope of the album:

The liner notes for Gibbons and Beard’s new album note the RAW sessions, “ was, in a very real way, a return to our roots. Just us and the music, no thousands in attendance, no concession stands, no parking lot social hour, no tour bus phalanx. Just us and the music. We knew straight away that this was a very special circumstance, all of us in the same place at the same time and what a time it certainly was!

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The album was recorded in connection with This little band from Texasa 2019 Netflix documentary about the band that received strong reviews when it premiered on the streaming service.

ZZ Top preview Raw the last few weeks with a few tracks, including “Tube Snake Boogie”:

A video for “I’m Bad I’m Nationwide” was released in connection with the disc release:

Listen to the set below and celebrate ZZ Top as it continues to rock in memory of Dusty Hill.


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