Watch the drummer play Rush’s 175 songs in Neil Peart Tribute


Drum lesson program Druméo decided to mark the second anniversary of the death of Neil Peart with an ambitious project – the interpretation of the 175 songs released by Rush during the band’s career.

The feat was performed by Brandon Toews, “a huge Neil Peart fan”, and took several weeks of rehearsal, kit arrangement, performance and editing. The resulting video, which includes a few seconds of each song in chronological order, can be seen below.

“It’s hard to imagine the world lost Neil Peart two years ago,” Drumeo wrote in the description of the video. “We are grateful that his legacy will continue through his incredible work with Rush. So today… you’re going to hear the best parts of every Rush song.

Toews “recorded full takes in their entirety (no… we didn’t just piece it together song by song) and used the transcriptions available in DrumeoSONGS to learn the parts… The setup Brandon used for this performance incorporated different elements of the drum kits Neil used during his 40 years with Rush. This includes the legendary tubular bells, gong drum and electronic pads. Enjoy this Rush medley in memory of Neil Peart and the original drummer John Rutsey.

Peart died on January 7, 2020 after a three-year battle with cancer which he had kept private. “He just wanted to be in control,” Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson said later. “The last thing in the world he wanted were people sitting on his sidewalk or his driveway chanting ‘Closer to the Heart’ or something. It was a big fear on his part. He didn’t want to. all of that attention. And it was really hard to lie to people or to avoid or deviate in any way. It was really hard. “

Watch Brandon Toews’ tribute to Neil Peart

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