Widevine Dump: scripts to download from Netflix, Disney +, Amazon and other services


@Tom What is illegal to tell people about something that will stop working in 2 days and not even cause security holes?

When the log4shell disaster first appeared, so many people haven’t even had a chance to get the fix yet, but all media wrote about it anyway.

It caught the curiosity of every ransomware gang and by the time the server’s first admin was finally able to patch his server, many servers were encrypted.

But that’s not a problem for anyone, is it?

So why would some DRM workarounds that in no way constitute a security hole be illegal to disclose?

Considering (taking Netflix as an example):
– Netflix has allowed you to create your account with them.
– You did not hack their systems since you used your own legitimate account credentials.
– Netflix decided to send the video to you on its own.

And in fact, this tool simply allowed people to keep what they were watching online.

Is it a problem?
If so, it should also be a problem for people to be able to remember what they looked in their brain.

We should demand that a brain memory controller be placed in the minds of Netflix users.

When the movie is deleted from Netflix or the subscription expires, the brain chip erases your memories of the movie.

Sounds totally right yeah …

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you keep what you watched.
This is only a problem if you download it.

The film should only be available where the filmmakers want it to be.

However, if people share the download tools so that people can use their own accounts to download what they watched, as long as they don’t download the downloaded movies online, that’s fine with me.

Otherwise, why is it good to remember the whole movie in your brain even after the subscription expires?

I thought the purpose of DRM was to block access to the movie after the license expires?

And before saying it; it’s not even theft, it’s COPY.

If I steal your data, it means I am copying your data to my drive and deleting it from yours.

If I copy your data to my drive and now you and I have the data, it’s a COPY.

YouTube has so many scam videos in the trash.
The “Get $ 10,000 without working” and stuff like that.

If I could steal all the trash youtube videos with youtube-dl, you better believe there would be no more trash videos on youtube.

Unfortunately I can only COPY them, too bad. It would be nice if I could steal them.

And for the TPM key, it’s up to me to share it.
It’s your TPM, you paid for it, it’s yours and everything in it.

It doesn’t matter how much manufacturers hide “secret” keys in chips.
If they give you the chip, then the chip and all the keys become yours.

If you want to share all the keys inside, that’s your problem.

Also, generally, any information that the brain can keep in memory, you can’t tell people that they can’t keep unlimited copies for their personal use.

video, music, photos, documents.

Mozart attended a kind of concert where it was forbidden to share the song outside.

The partitions were well guarded.

If you wanted to hear the song again, you had to attend the ceremony.

And guess what, Mozart decided he would remember the song using his brain part by part and transcribe what he remembered into the equivalent notes.

He did it until he wrote the whole song.

Then, in what is probably the first act of the music Piracy, he first produced the entire song himself without any permission from this ceremony or whatever his name was.

Do you think Mozart should have been forced to undergo a cerebral lobotomy to remove the song from his memory at the time for him to stop?

What if he doesn’t stop then we give him Alzheimer’s disease so he can’t pirate music anymore?

Ah …
If we ever got the technology to erase memories, it wouldn’t take long for the EU which created download filters to make it mandatory for everyone to receive a brain chip in their brain.

Armed police will scan everyone to verify that they have installed the mandatory brain chip.

People who do not have one are electrically shot, handcuffed, black bagged and sent to dedicated DRM camps.

If we ever get to that level of DRM shit, I’ll see myself out of Earth quickly.


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